Press Release – Log Cabin Republicans of Texas Opposes HB2801

Log Cabin Republicans of Texas has decided to voice their opposition to HB2801, authored by Representative Gilbert Pena, relating to the use of a bathroom, locker room, or shower facility in a public school.

Pena’s bill bullies children struggling with their gender identity and gender expression by excluding them from the bathroom that they feel most comfortable in. In many circumstances, a transgender child becomes the target of extreme acts of violence if forced to use the restroom designated to their biological sex. The bill does allow for accommodations for children assert their gender identity is different from their biological sex, but the bill also requires that the child’s parents consent to the accommodations. Many transgender youth must hide their gender identity from their parents due to the threat of violence. Anyone who wishes to protect children from violence and bullying—or wishes to protect schools and school districts from lawsuits stemming from acts of violence—should be deeply concerned by HB2801.

In addition, Pena’s bill strips schools and school districts from governing themselves when it comes to mundane policies, including who can use which bathroom. School districts have always had the ability to determine their own policies with little infringement by the State Government. As a Republican organization in favor of limited government, Log Cabin Republicans of Texas can not support HB2801.

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