Resignation Letter from LCR Texas State Chairman

May 5, 2020

Dear Members of all the chapters of Log Cabin Republicans of Texas

I want to let you all know that I will be resigning as state chairman of the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas, effective at the end of today’s state board meeting.  In due deference to LCR national’s authority, and the recognition that I can no longer fully support their new direction as I have come to understand it, it is only correct that I step aside and let others that do take the reins.

As I end my work with LCR Texas, I am content at what has been accomplished, and what these accomplishments mean for the future of the Republican Party of Texas. 

My partner, Mike Alberts, and I joined LCR Houston 8 years ago, and 2 years later, in 2016, I was elected to my first of 4 terms as president of this chapter. This chapter, and all the chapters across the state have grown so much since then.  At that first Lincoln Dinner Mike and I attended in 2014, I’m told the chapter sold 48 tickets. By 2019, before Covid came along and put a pause on everything, we sold 167 tickets.  Last year all the chapters across Texas reported record paid memberships, and a new Texas chapter joined the family of chapters that form the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas.

During that time I also served as secretary of the LCR of Texas, until I became the state chairman in 2020. 

In 2016, we pivoted from talking about so-called “LGBT” rights to talking more about freedom and equality for everyone, because, as I often say, the best way to defend freedom and equality is to do it for everyone.  No forcing people into contracts against their will to make cakes, or laws on what pronouns you have to use. 

We created a 2-year plan to change the platform of the Republican Party of Texas, which had for the better part of three decades condemned human beings simply for existing as gay people, and in 2018 that platform was changed, to the benefit of the idea of freedom of conscience for all within the Republican Party of Texas. 

In 2016, we also founded the Freedom First Republicans Coalition, joining the Texas Young Republicans, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas, and the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas in an alliance supporting liberty and equality for all Texans under the Republican banner.

In 2018, I was privileged to serve as the first openly gay and LCR member appointed to the Platform Committee of the Republican Party of Texas for the state convention, and honored by the responsibility the party willingly placed on me.

In 2020, I was honored by the state convention delegates in my congressional district to be elected as a Texas delegate to the national convention of the Republican National Committee.

In 2021, after the Texas House and Senate Republicans had struggled and failed for years to pass any number of bills addressing the challenges of Gender Ideology and the complexity of gender issues, LCR Texas decided for the first time to weigh in on one single bill, and took up the bill protecting women’s sports in schools, initially the least favored bill on related issues. It eventually became the lead bill, and then the only bill ever passed in Texas on gender identity issues, the only one ever backed by LCR Texas.

For the better part of the last the last eight years, year after year, the members of LCR Houston, and later of Texas, placed their trust in me.  I am grateful for that honor and privilege. 

God bless Texas

Marco A. Roberts,

Chairman of the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas

The Log Cabin Republicans of Texas stand for individual liberty and equality for all Texans.

Log Cabin Republicans of Texas works to build a stronger, broad-based Republican Party by promoting the core values of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets and a strong national defense; and by advocating for the freedom and equality of all Americans, under the terms of the Constitution, regardless of sexual orientation, sexual minority status, faith, or beliefs. Log Cabin Republicans of Texas is dedicated to electing Republicans to advance and protect our shared Republican values of liberty for all.

Please explore our site to learn more about LCR Texas, who we are, what we do, and how we work to advance the true Texas values of freedom.

Thank you for your interest in LCR Texas.   We hope you join us.


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Thursday, February 25, the Log Cabin Republicans took a bold stance in public opposition to the so-called Equality Act passed by the House Democrats that same day.

The Freedom First Republicans Coalition supports the courageous stand by Log Cabin Republicans.  The joint statement from the chairpersons of all three member state organizations:

“The members of the Texas Freedom First Republicans Coalition believe each American is equal in their rights and must be equal in the protection of those rights. That includes people of all identities and faiths.  Our laws were meant to protect both, to ensure we can live as we desire, work where we wish, and worship as we believe.  We oppose the falsely named Equality Act because behind its righteous title is a heavy-handed virtue-signal that will reduce everyone’s rights instead of protecting them.”

Hayden Padgett, Chairman – Texas Young Republicans Federation

Jeff LeBlanc, Chairman – Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

Marco A. Roberts, Chairman – Log Cabin Republicans of Texas

The Freedom First Republicans Coalition of Texas is composed of the Texas Young Republicans Federation, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas, and the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas.

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