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The Log Cabin Republicans of Texas stand for individual liberty and equality for all Texans.

Log Cabin Republicans of Texas works to build a stronger, broad-based Republican Party by promoting the core values of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets and a strong national defense; and by advocating for the freedom and equality of all Americans, under the terms of the Constitution, regardless of sexual orientation, sexual minority status, faith, or beliefs. Log Cabin Republicans of Texas is dedicated to electing Republicans to advance and protect our shared Republican values of liberty for all.

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Thursday, February 25, the Log Cabin Republicans took a bold stance in public opposition to the so-called Equality Act passed by the House Democrats that same day.

The Freedom First Republicans Coalition supports the courageous stand by Log Cabin Republicans.  The joint statement from the chairpersons of all three member state organizations:

“The members of the Texas Freedom First Republicans Coalition believe each American is equal in their rights and must be equal in the protection of those rights. That includes people of all identities and faiths.  Our laws were meant to protect both, to ensure we can live as we desire, work where we wish, and worship as we believe.  We oppose the falsely named Equality Act because behind its righteous title is a heavy-handed virtue-signal that will reduce everyone’s rights instead of protecting them.”

Hayden Padgett, Chairman – Texas Young Republicans Federation

Jeff LeBlanc, Chairman – Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

Marco A. Roberts, Chairman – Log Cabin Republicans of Texas

The Freedom First Republicans Coalition of Texas is composed of the Texas Young Republicans Federation, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas, and the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas.

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