1. What does LCR Texas stand for?

* The First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of conscience, religious liberty, and freedom of association; and of one’s right to property, for all persons, including those with whom we may not agree.

* A strong national defense, and in the Second Amendment right of every citizen to bear arms.

* Low taxes, tight fiscal responsibility, and scarce regulations appropriate to a limited government.

* The legal and political equality for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity status, under the framework of the Constitution, and the Republican principles of limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.

We believe in working with Republicans of all stripes to define new, principled constitutional answers to address the many issues confronting the party today, rather than have them settled for us by those who favor more government intrusive solutions.

We of the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas believe that we must win the war of ideas with Republican ideas, and that we must all as Americans join to achieve an evermore perfect advance towards the party’s enlightened, stated commitment to the ideals of limited government, freedom of belief and conscience, of the autonomous, self-reliant individual – of what it means to possess true personal independence; and that under our Creator and under our law, “all men are created equal.”  That in advancing that common cause, we will make the party stronger, and thus help secure the future of our country, which after all, is the whole point of our party’s existence.

Join us in working together to advance these Republican principles.

2.  What does the name “Log Cabin” mean?

Our name is an homage to the greatest Republican our nation has ever seen, Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln, and by proxy the idea of equality in our country, was born in a Log Cabin in Kentucky.

3.  Does Log Cabin Republicans of Texas have any city or county-level presence?

Yes!  We have active chapters in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.  For more information on the local chapters, please visit http://logcabintexas.us/existing-chapters

4.  How can I become a member of Log Cabin Republicans of Texas?

If you are in or near an active chapter, we suggest that you become a member of that chapter.  All chapter members are automatically members of Log Cabin Republicans of Texas.  To join a local chapter, please visit http://logcabintexas.us/existing-chapters and then proceed to the website for your local chapter for more information on how to become a member.

5.  What do members of Log Cabin Republicans of Texas chapters do?

Being a member of a local Texas chapter offers several ways to get involved.  Each chapter typically has one local meeting per month.  The local meetings allow members to socialize and discuss politics, and most local meetings also feature a guest speaker.  Members are also encouraged to participate in community outreach and political events, such as lobby days and the Texas GOP convention. Our chapters endorse candidates and campaign for them with block-walking, hosting fundraisers, email blasts, and published campaign ads.

6.  I’m straight.  Can I still become a member?

Of course.  We are values-based organization, not one based on identity or demographic characteristics. Membership in our larger chapters is about 50% straight.

7.  Does Log Cabin Republicans of Texas have any allies with the party?

Yes.  The Texas Young Republicans and the Republican Liberty Caucus are two of our strongest allies, and are part of the Freedom First Republicans Coalition.  We also have allies within the Texas Federation of Republican Women, College Republicans, and High School Republicans. In addition, we have many informal cooperative relationships with many Republican, conservative, religious, and libertarian-leaning organizations.

Any other questions?  Please e-mail our Chairman at chairman@logcabintexas.us