The 2020 Endorsements


For President of the United States

Donald J. Trump

For Vice-President of the United States

Mike Pence

For U.S. Congress

Dan Crenshaw – TX-CD 2

Tre Pennie – TX CD 30

Genevieve Collins – TX CD 32


For Texas House of Representative

Luis LaRotta – HD 148

Sarah Davis – HD 134

Luisa Del Rosal – HD 114

Will Douglas – HD 113

Gerson Hernandez – HD 105


For Dallas County Sheriff

Chad Prda


For Harris County District Attorney

Mary Nan Huffman

Every vote counts!  Dan Crenshaw won the place for a runoff in his first primary race for Congress in 2018 by only 155 votes, less than 2 votes per precinct!  How different history would be if those 1 or 2 voters in each precinct had stayed home.

For some added historical perspective, we look at the 1876 presidential election.  In the rough 1876 presidential election, Republican Rutherford B. Hayes was positioned against Democrat Samuel J. Tilden, governor of New York. Hayes didn’t win his party’s nomination until the seventh ballot, then had to campaign in the face of national anti-Republican sentiment due to the many scandals of outgoing Pres. Ulysses S. Grant (sadly, somewhat unfairly to the good Grant). The election was bitterly fought, and the vote tallying was marred by irregularities and hostility (sound familiar?). It was the longest and most controversial election up to its time, and threatened to wreak havoc across the country. It finally concluded in the House of Representatives when the speaker forced completion of the vote count on March 2, 1877. Hayes lost the popular vote to Tilden by some 250,000 votes – but won the electoral college by a single vote.