LCR-Texas Chairman Responds to Invitation to Texas Democratic State Convention

Austin, TX – In a press conference held in Fort Worth this afternoon, Log Cabin Republicans of Texas stated that we were denied a booth at the Texas State Republican Convention Exhibit Hall due to language in the Republican Party platform regarding sexual orientation.

Texas Democrats responded by inviting Log Cabin Republicans to attend the Texas Democratic State Convention.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director William Hailer issued the following statement:

“Today, the Texas Democratic Party officially invites the Log Cabin Republicans to sign up for a booth at our Texas Democratic State Convention in Dallas and share their ideas about the future of our state. We celebrate the diversity of our party, that is what our state convention is all about.”

In response, LCR-Texas Chairman Jeff Davis issued the following statement:

“On behalf of Log Cabin Republicans of Texas, I would like to thank Mr. Hailer and the Texas Democratic Party for their support.  Though we are on opposite sides of the aisle, LGBT Republicans and LGBT Democrats are all fighting the same fight, and we need to remember that.  It is imperative that Log Cabin Republicans of Texas continue to voice the concerns of LGBT Republicans, as Republicans; concerns that are shared by the majority of Texas conservatives.  The state, the nation, and the world are all awakening to a new Era of Equality, and Log Cabin Republicans of Texas will not rest until the Texas Republican Party reflects that in their actions and in their platform.  We urge LGBT Texans, regardless of party affiliation, to continue speaking out and fighting for equal rights.  If we all continue the dialogue regarding LGBT equality, we will win.”