LCR-Texas Thanks Texas RLC for Their Support of Equality

Austin, TX – On Thursday, May 29th, Log Cabin Republicans of Texas spoke out publicly regarding how their organization was denied a booth at the Texas State Republican Convention Exhibit Hall due to language in the Texas Republican Party platform and bylaws regarding sexual orientation.

Within hours, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas released a statement of support and solidarity. “The RLC of Texas supports the LCR of Texas,” said RLC of Texas Chairman Jeffrey Larson in the statement. “Republicans who differ with other Republicans on certain issues are not the enemy. The RPT cannot afford to exclude everyone who expresses opinions that some find uncomfortable. If the party wants a unified front to confront the Democrats, here is where unity should be demonstrated.”  Please visit to view the full statement from RLC of Texas.

In response, LCR-Texas Chairman Jeff Davis issued the following statement:

“On behalf of Log Cabin Republicans of Texas, I would like to thank Chairman Jeffrey Larson and all of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas for their statement of support. Republicans often speak of the ‘big tent’ and how all people are welcome and included in the party, but the Texas Republican Party has not acted in an inclusive way. Including only certain groups and only when convenient does not constitute inclusion at all. We appreciate that the Republican Liberty Caucus understands what true inclusion and true equality is, and we are proud and honored to partner with our allies in the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas.

“We hope other Republican individuals, organizations, candidates, and elected officials follow in the footsteps of Chairman Larson and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas. It is time for people to speak up if they believe that all Republicans should be included by the party. We must return to being a party of inclusion if we want to stay relevant and if we want to keep Texas red, and inclusion starts with people speaking up and showing their support of equality.

“Once again, we applaud the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas for speaking up so quickly. We’ve heard you loud and clear, and we hope that the Texas Republican Party does as well.”