Log Cabin Republicans Assessing SB 6

For Immediate Release
January 12, 2017

WHO: Log Cabin Republicans of Texas
CONTACT: Michael Baker, Chairman  chairman@logcabintexas.us, (202) 669-6945

A few days ago the Lt. Governor of Texas unveiled Senate Bill 6, a proposed law that would impact the balance of First Amendment rights, property rights, and civil rights of private businesses and individuals in the state of Texas.

Although this new SB 6 has been compared by some in the media to the controversial North Carolina HB 2 that was passed last year, in our first review we have found it different in very significant ways. Therefore, the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas is now actively engaged in a thorough and careful review of SB 6, and is working to craft a comprehensive response that broadly reflects the interests and values of its chapter members across the state of Texas. This will take time. Unlike some other organizations that had a response within hours of the release, our plan is to include the open discussion and input from our members across our great state before taking a public stance on their behalf over this sensitive and important development.

In the meantime, we also have already begun discussions with our allies and our contacts close to those who filed the bill on possible modifications. We have been hard at work the last year developing relationships and contacts within our party, critically important in this very red state of ours. The state Senate is Republican, as is the state House of Representatives, the governor, the lieutenant governor, and as are all statewide office holders.

We are dedicated and committed to working with our fellow Republicans, especially our allies at the capitol and in allied organizations, with the goal of working this out before splitting our party apart over it, giving the Democrats yet another talking point in the process, and creating unnecessary hardships or complications for transgender individuals in the state of Texas.