Press Release – Open Carry

Log Cabin Republicans of Texas wishes to thank the Texas Senate for passing SB 17 which would allow for the open carry of handguns.

Open carry is an important issue for gun rights advocates in Texas, and there are a plethora of gun rights advocates within Log Cabin Republicans of Texas.

Log Cabin Republicans of Austin Board Member Michael Cargill owns Central Texas Gun Works and is one such gun rights advocate. “Open carry is one of the most important issues that the Texas legislature faces this session.” says Cargill. “We have collectively chosen individuals to lead our government that support this natural right. Open carry is meaningless if it does not come to fruition through a democratic vote, through the process that is one of the founding principles of the great State of Texas. On behalf of the Log Cabin Republicans I would like to thank Lt Governor Dan Patrick and the Texas Senate for standing your ground for the people of Texas.”

Log Cabin Republicans of Texas hopes the Texas House of Representatives will follow the Senate by also passing open carry legislation.

Log Cabin Republicans of Texas included open carry in its 2015 Legislative Agenda which can be found at