Thank You Glynis Chester, President of the Texas Federation of Republican Women 2020-22

February 24, 2022

On behalf of myself and the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas, I’d like to extend our sincerest expression of gratitude and appreciation to the outgoing president of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, one Glynis Chester, for her dedicated and earnest service to the common cause of all Republicans across our great state of Texas; and for her acts and expressions of fair-mindedness, support, and general kindness for the Texans represented by our organization.
In the two years Glynis Chester served as president of TFRW, I had the pleasure of first making the acquaintance, and then getting to learn more about the woman leading Texas’ largest Republican grassroots organization, and one of the largest political women’s organization in the nation. In that time, I came to know Glynis as a woman who is steadfast, clear, and honest in her defense of the conservative values she stands for, and mindful of why these values mean so much to the people she represented. At the same time, in my every experience, Glynis never took on her convictions with pride, but rather humbly, with a spirit of grace and respect for all persons of all walks of life.
We were happy to have Glynis visit some of our chapters and discuss those things that are of importance to both TFRW and LCR Texas, and explore ways we could work together as Republicans to advance those values we share as conservatives. And, we were honored and grateful for the opportunity Glynis gave LCR Texas to talk to TFRW members about the important issues in which LCR Texas and TFRW members have shared concerns, and are working for the same goals.
Of course, we know that many great women throughout Texas make possible all the good work of TFRW. The warm welcome we receive every year by every single member and volunteer we encounter at the TFRW state convention makes this clear to us. If we could thank them all by name, we would. But, we do thank them all.
To Kit Whitehill, the new president of TFRW, I and our entire state Board congratulate her on her election as we wish her success in one of the toughest volunteer jobs of grassroots Republican activism in the country, and pledge our support.
To Glynis, all our members should know that even when pressured to be otherwise, you have been a friend. So, with the deepest gratitude and sincere affection, on behalf of the entire Board of the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas, and all the chapter members we represent across the state, we wish you well and God’s blessings on all your future endeavors.
Marco A. Roberts, Chairman
Board of LCR Texas
Marco A. Roberts, Chairman
Michael Cargill, Vice Chairman – Austin
David A Garza, Secretary – Austin
Michael Alberts, Treasurer – Houston
Les Read – Dallas
Jay Milton – Houston
Charles Vaith – San Antonio
Bo Richardson – Dallas
Jason Baldwin – Fort Worth
Mimi Planas – San Antonio