Resignation Letter

Dear Chapter Members of LCR Texas,

Effective June 22, 2022, at 11:59pm, I will officially resign as the Acting Chair for the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas and as a board member. With great concern, I leave the board following an increase in political gains and over a decade of work expanding the reach of LCR Texas, committed to advancing its mission of equality for all under the law and growing the Republican Party of Texas.

The Log Cabin Republicans of Texas board strategy included a focus on the core values of the Republican Party of Texas centered around liberty, limited government, and individual responsibility, backed up by increased fundraising goals, and an increased number of liberty-minded candidates on the ballot.  Instead, I see DC and California LCR members inexplicably interceding in Texas affairs and trying to pointlessly bully the Texas GOP. LCR Texas was on target to get a booth at best 2022 and worst-case scenario 2024.

If the Log Cabin Republicans continue down a path of divisiveness, lack of respect for the chain of command and due process, bully tactics, lack of cohesion, and unwillingness to work with all chapter and state LCR leaders in the organization, the state leadership will lose its diverse composition, and its ability to lead with credibility and a unified purpose.

In addition to my resignation, David Garza, LCR Texas Secretary, Vice-President of LCR Austin, and Mimi Planas, board member and President of LCR San Antonio, are also resigning from the Texas board. Furthermore, neither the Austin nor San Antonio chapters will be sending representatives to the Texas Board. We will continue to maintain our positions in our local chapters while representing LCR in a positive light.

I will continue to be President of LCR Austin, where we have a great working relationship with the GOP leadership at the Texas Capitol. I will continue to lead the charge for all of our constitutional rights and focus on what is important to our chapter.

In conclusion, don’t California my Texas.

Michael Cargill,

Acting Chairman

Log Cabin Republicans of Texas

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